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Let's Face it,  we've all been affected by COVID-19. Many are experiencing financial hardship, and don't know where to turn. Whether you're looking to get out of a huge financial burden, escape a fraudulent  purchase, stop harassing  phone calls to you or a loved one or simply just want out of a simple Timeshare contract we are here to help.  Our Law Firm specializes in all forms of Timeshare Exit Strategy . All Payments will stop immediately, Debt Recovery begins instantly, harassing calls stop and peace of mind is minutes away.

 We serve with Aloha, we are not the only company out there, but we do work with the Aloha Spirit. Based in Kona Hawaii, our goal is to help those in need during these uncertain times. Timeshares can be a blessing for some, but for many they are a huge burden. We are here to help those in need. Our Team also gives free advice for travel post Timeshare. There is so much available to you, without a the chains of a contract. Stay Safe & Healthy, Aloha!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our results speak for themselves! We have a 100%  Success Rate backed by our 100% Money Back guarantee.  With Zero Risk to you, our Timeshare Exit Team is here to serve  you our community, and our promise to you is just that. Let our Timeshare Exit Team help you today!!


Originally from California, our family moved to Hawaii in the 1970's. With its warm people and natural spiritual wonder, Hawaii has always been our place to call home.  As a tourism hot spot, Hawaii seamlessly enhanced my professional career.  With a natural love of people, my family has always looked for ways to give back to the community. With AMS HAWAII Timeshare Exit program, we have found just that! We feel that helping families eliminate financial burden and stress caused from Timeshare is the most rewarding gift.  We look forward to helping you!

Timeshare TRUTH:

Millions of Americans fall victim to Timeshare.

 Each year Companies find new ways to trick consumers into not only staying with their Timeshare purchase but manipulating the owner to upgrade or buy more with the promise that THIS time it will fix their problems. This is a never ending cycle to take your money under the disguise of "Family Time" or some other guilt scheme. Truth is you could simply rent the same condo, with no fee's, No HOA & No Large purchase.